Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Yesterday I finished my first pair of Tardis Socks, The Doctor's Wife on Ravelry. They're blocked and everything!
They look so very lovely, I don't even have words for how well they turned out.

I got sick of working on DM's afghan, and I wanted to be sure I got all the other Christmas projects done on time, cause DM knows she'll get her present eventually. Anyway, I started another pair of stockinette socks for Jen (NS's mom, who so graciously hosted me this summer):

I ordered a set of size 1 circular needles from Knit Picks for the second set of Tardis socks because I've found that the way I hold my dpn's causes my hands to ache a lot, and I'd like to do the second set two-at-a-time. I found that doing them one at a time was frustrating. I didn't think I had a problem with second sock syndrome (and I guess I don't because the second was completed shortly after the first) but the repetition wore on me, especially because it involved colorwork.

Aside from Jen's socks and NS's tardis socks (the finished ones were for NB, who conveniently wears the same shoe size as me),  I still need to make a pair of socks for Jen's husband Joe, a pair of wristwarmers for Renee, a hat for Michael, and I need to decide whether DS gets socks, a bag, or a hat this Christmas. I really wanna do the Harry Potter fair isle bag for her but I really don't think I'll have enough time. I might have her give me an extension on that. I hope next year I can afford to buy more gifts because this is a whole lot to knit while also taking full time classes and looking for a job.

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