Monday, September 17, 2012


This post is full of socks and sock-talk. For FO's today, I only have one. Rose Tyler socks, so named because they are rose-colored, but they also have a nice strong dark pink, almost brown color, which makes me think of Rose Tyler and her beauty, but also her strength and steel. Just a simple pair of stockinette socks, but one more pair toward my seemingly never ending list of Christmas presents:
These will go to Jen, and I know they'll never repay the amount of kindness she and her family showed in housing me for the summer, but I hope she likes them all the same.

I'm working on a pair of socks for Joe (Jen's husband) now. They're a 3x1 rib. I settled on that pattern because I wanted a simple pattern, nothing as boring as stockinette, and nothing as complicated as lace. The colorway reminds me of zombies for some reason, thus Joe's Zombie Socks. The yarn is slate gray/blue and green and orange marbled. I didn't notice until I looked at the photo, but the socks are knitting up with a nice spiraling color pattern. Check it out:
 They're definitely a lot more orange than this photo implies. It seems that my new city new stops with the clouds and rain though, so good pictures are hard to come by. I had to get a new phone and I upgraded for a better camera on it, only to find out that it doesn't really matter here because it never stops raining long enough to take a stupid picture.

Anyway, other knitting news. I got a new set of needles in the mail last week. Knit Picks circulars, size 0 for magic loop Tardis Socks:
I was all excited to start the minute the needles came, but they took too long and I cast on for Joe's socks in the meantime. I'm trying to keep the WIPs down to 2 with Christmas coming up, so I'll be able to see each finished present and know where I stand, so that meant I couldn't cast on for the second pair of Tardis socks til Joe's socks are done. I'm making steady progress though, and I definitely thank my astronomy lecture for that.

I've left DM's afghan alone, as promised. It's in the deep freeze for now, til at least the other pair of Tardis socks are done.

Anyway, that's the update. I hope to keep the Blog in the loop, but I have a hard time justifying blog entries for stockinette socks. Now that my room's all set up (we finally re-did the floors, so I was able to move furniture in) and I have a desk to work at, maybe I'll be a little more productive.

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