Sunday, August 26, 2012


It's been waaaaaay too long since I've posted. The beginning of a new school year has been a little annoying, despite being pretty easy (gen ed courses are all retarded) and I've been in the process of moving in and unpacking all of my things (which all fit nicely into my closet). This, of course, is made all the more difficult because I can't move any furniture into my room until the floors are re-done. The wood has to be chemically sanded and re-varnished due to the damage done by the previous tenants.
I did get the opportunity to locate all of my yarn, which is a pitiful stash, let me tell you. I have a filing box full of acrylic nastyness, which is destined to become another stupid crochet chevron blanket- I really thought I had gotten rid of all of the leftover Red Heart crap, but I guess not. I don't actually mind acrylic yarn, though. Being a relatively poor person and a college student has made it difficult to be picky about my yarn, and I have a deep and abiding affection for Caron Simply Soft because of it's sheen and rich colors. In fact, that's what DM's afghan is made of. I just don't like Red Heart, I guess.
I also had a milk crate filled with WIPs, excluding DM's afghan and all of the materials for the Tardis socks, which I have re-started. In that bin, I found my Harry Potter scarf, (so close to being finished that it's laughable), and my Owl Sweater.
Thursday I spent the day working on DM's afghan and making these two lovely Christmas gifts:

They are a modified version of the Chain Loop Circle Scarf. I just chained until I got the right length using my yarn and preferred hook. They look really cool, despite being just about the simplest and quickest FO's I've ever made.
 I had classes on Friday, and I spent the evening at NB's apartment about an hour and half's drive away. I sometimes wonder if I'm a dim person (lightbulb not on and all) or if I'm just really absent-minded. I forgot my knitting, and so lost a lot of time I could have been working on it. Luckily though, I was prepared for this eventuality, since it has happened more than once. After that, I decided I needed to keep an emergency project at NB's place, so I gave her the second skein of the yarn I used for DS's birthday hat and an extra hook so that I could make another. I got about 80% of the hat done while I was there, so I guess I should remember to pack more emergency yarn to keep at her apartment.
Saturday morning I visited NS at her new apartment, which happens to be in the same city as NB's since they both attend the same school. We hung out for a bit and I headed home.  Once there, I went about doing some more organizing (I think that job has made me a bit OCD- about every 10 minutes I had to walk around and straighten chairs or clean tables or sweep or mop or clear off counters or clean up toys). When I encountered my Owl Sweater I decided it was high time to frog it. I like the yarn a lot, and I was never going to actually be able to fix the problem with the sweater. So I spent the night frogging and reskeining, and came up with this:
I think I'll be able to make a nice cardigan out of it, owing to the fact that my sweater was about 3 times too big from the collar up, and about 4 inches too long. The yarn is Cuddle by Jo Ann sensations, in Lt Green. It's DK weight and it will make a lovely cardigan one day. When Christmas knitting is over.

I did restart the Tardis socks, but DM and I don't spend too much time together, so I've mostly been working on her afghan and my homework. The first sock still looks like this:
The day before I moved, I took one last trip to the LYS and bought a second skein of this yarn so that I would be able to make another pair of Tardis socks once I finished this one.

DM's afghan is over halfway done, so as promised here's a picture:
It really looks a lot prettier than that, but there's only so much that can be done with a camera phone.  The afghan is wider than a standard twin bed, but that's good because DM likes big afghans.

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