Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Since I'm not really feeling my very best, I'm gonna do this post in list form:

1. Check out the Avengers chalk art I discovered at my campus on Monday:
I saw this, with the arc reactor and Tony Stark quotes, plus a bow and arrow with Clint Barton quotes. I'm sure there was more, but since I don't live on campus, I didn't really get a chance to wander around and find the rest.

2. Apparently I have lost the ability to spell or pay attention in class. I tried to take notes in my English class today but couldn't even manage to spell beauty (I just had to spell it out loud to make sure it was right for this post), and my notes ended up covered in a badly drawn doodle of a scene from Courage the Cowardly Dog:

3. I did finish knitting something! Joe's Zombie Socks are totally finished, which leaves only one more pair of tardis socks and maybe a pair of socks for my sister or maybe something else, I haven't decided yet. Then the sock knitting portion of the Christmas knitting is over. Of course, then I still have 40% of DM's afghan left to do, plus a pair of wristwarmers and a hat. But I keep telling myself that it's only nearing the end of September. I can manage. And hopefully I won't be up til 3 in the morning on the 24th if I keep to my schedule. Oh, here's a picture of Joe's Zombie Socks, since I totally lost the thread of what I was originally talking about:

And that's all for now. I've got some homework to be getting to anyway.

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