Tuesday, October 2, 2012


So today, I dealt with a personal problem that's been dogging me for almost a month now, and I'm very happy to see that worry put to rest. To celebrate, I'm gonna update the Blog (and watch Avengers, cause that's how lame of a life I have).

I started and finished (today!) another Christmas present since I last posted. Renee's Fingerless Gloves (for Renee of course), a super easy and fun project, and I seriously don't want to give them away. They'd definitely come in handy in my Astronomy lecture, where I swear if the ceiling were inclined to pour water, it would turn to snow and we'd all make snow angels, it's that cold. But, alas, they have another destination. Actually, that puts paid to the entire set heading to Virginia (Salt River Socks, A Manly Sunset, and Spicy Turmeric Bolero are also headed there, all to the same family).  Oh right, a picture would be nice:

Sorry about those pictures, but seriously, I defy you to get a good picture of your own arm while holding the camera in the other hand. And of course, I couldn't get a pic of both at the same time. Anyway, there's that.

Also today (well actually yesterday but I frogged that one) I started a new project. A Hufflepuff bag for my sister, using some truly craptastic stash yarn. It's going really quick actually, which makes me think that the finishing is going to take a lot longer than usual, because nothing just goes well for me. Anyway, pic for that:

So it's October now, and I have exactly 4 Christmas projects left to finish, including this one. A hat, a crochet bear, and half an afghan await me once this bag is finished, but I might have to concede to starting a pair of socks to knit at school since all of those are either too big or too complicated for that. Anyway, I do expect to finish on time, and maybe a lot earlier than originally slated. I should probably plan for that eventuality and have a project ready so I don't develop a case of Startitis. 

Anyway, Avengers awaits. I'll have an update when I'm done with this bag probably.

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