Monday, August 13, 2012


I guess it would be appropriate, now that the Ravellenic Games are over, to review what I accomplished. I only produced 3 items:
 Yarn dyed with turmeric for the Hand Dye High Dive event
 Erin's bolero for the Sweater Triathlon and the Holiday Hurdles events
And the Manly Sunset socks for the Sock Put, Holiday Hurdles and Single Skein Sprint. 

So even though I only produced 3 items, I was awarded a total of 6 medals. I think that's not bad for my first time participating in the Ravellenic Games. I'm not super impressed by the amount of items I completed. I think I should have given myself harder goals because I definitely did everything I said I would do. I just didn't do anything more than that. I think part of it was that the WIP Wrestling event requirements weren't conducive to me finishing DM's afghan. It had to be something you hadn't worked on for at least a couple of weeks. I think if that hadn't been a requirement, I would have given myself the goal of completing the afghan instead. And I probably would have done it- I mean, there was that time I completed an afghan in under a month, and this one's already more that a third of the way through. Well, maybe I couldn't have done it, but I think it might have been more productive. On the other hand, I did get some holiday projects done. 

Speaking of which, I have one other FO to show off, as promised. Salt River socks for a friend for Christmas. Actually, these are for the wife of the friend who'll be receiving the Manly Sunset socks. I finished these last night and did the weaving in ends and picture taking this morning:
I adore these socks! The colorway is just so awesome, and I have to say, they did a really good job perfecting the colors in a salt river. I also like that it's stripey, but not too stripey. And they match. This pair, of course, didn't qualify for the Ravellenics, but getting it off the needles means that I only have one active WIP. Everything else on the needles is hibernating until such time as it decides to stop pissing me off, or I have enough time for it, or both. I will now be devoting a good chunk of my time to DM's afghan. I'll probably start another pair of Tardis socks next week so I have something to work on while DM's around, but I plan on getting at least 1 pattern repeat done between now and then.

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