Sunday, August 12, 2012


Today I purchased a book at the Goodwill bookstore in town: At Knit's End by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka the Yarn Harlot. I sat down and read the entire thing today, with no distractions (NS is at a friend's house and so is her sister, and her parents enjoyed a lazy day as well, reading and generally keeping the noise level to a minimum. The t.v. hasn't been turned on all day.) It's a lovely, quick read and super funny. The book is set up like a quote book. There's a quote from a famous person, book or movie, followed by some knitting-related information and some snarky comment of the Yarn Harlot's. Much of the book is dedicated to sentences that begin, "I will remember... when..." and there are plenty of funny anecdotes about knitting mistakes. It was great to spend the afternoon reading the Yarn Harlot's words, especially considering that I love her blog so much. And I was just thinking about how I should have more knitting-related books. I think I own 4 now, 3 of which were picked up at second-hand shops for like a dollar or two.

In other news, I completed my final Ravellenic Games entry, a pair of socks for a Christmas gift:
They are awesome-looking, though they don't match at all (I really did try though- the toes match up to the third stripe). I call them A Manly Sunset, but DM thinks they look more like autumn. I'm inclined to think she's right, but I've renamed them twice now.
Since DM was visiting, I didn't get much of a chance to work on her afghan, so I worked on the Salt River socks a bit. They've only got about 2 more inches left til the ribbing, and I really want another quick, gratifying project to finish before I get back into DM's afghan. Besides, her afghan is so big and I was liking carrying a smaller bag around. I should get some quality knitting done on the afghan though, because school starts the 20th of August and I'll be moving in with DM and DS on the 19th, which will severely limit my ability to work on it. I'll be trying to find a job to replace the one I have to leave here, and I'll be going to school, and I can't exactly knit DM's Christmas present in front of her.
Anyway, the next few weeks will be a bit hectic as I get settled in and start classes, and I may not be able to update the Blog often. I'll probably post some FO photos of those socks in a day or so, but I don't anticipate much knitting or blogging time in the near future. Not looking forward to that at all.

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