Monday, March 19, 2012


This will be another short post, but I wanted to put up some pictures of my recent projects.
First, my finished owl cable hat:

It'll be really nice to give this one away. I really disliked the yarn and I had to start the stupid hat over I think 3 times at final count. It's a couple of months overdue as well, so I hope the recipient will be happy with it.
I also wanted to post a progress picture of my crochet ripple afghan:
I'm using about 20 different colors of stash yarn for this blanket, which will be a bit small, but I think I'll just keep it on the couch as a lap blanket. It might end up having a new home anyway, because I make these afghans with the intention of keeping them, but they always seem to end up going to someone else. My mom really likes to steal them and I give them away as baby blankets sometimes. The main point of the project was to reduce my stash to about 4-5 balls of yarn to make moving super simple. I should tell you though that my stash is rather pitiful. I have one milk-crate of yarn plus the yarn needed for 2 or 3 projects in progress. I'm not one of those yarncrafters who keeps a room full of stash yarn, but considering that I'm using my crappy Saturn hatchback to move, rather than a moving truck, every little bit of space counts. Until the situation with the house is resolved, I don't know exactly when I'm moving. In the meantime, the daycare where I applied for a job last week hasn't called, but a friend has asked that I babysit her extremely boring 4 month old baby pretty regularly. Probably every Thursday and Friday in the mornings if I'm available, in her words. That should be something to occupy me for a while. The baby isn't fussy at all, he sleeps about 50% of the time that I'm there, and he sits quietly watching television the rest of the time. He doesn't even do that whole smiley baby thing they usually do when you talk to them. It's quite dull watching him, but the mother paid me $20 so that's cool. Plus, I had some time to work on the owl hat and the ripple afghan.
 I'm considering frogging the toe up eyelet sock I showed you at the bottom of this post because it leans to the left and is sort of starting to spin like those macrame bracelets we used to make as kids. DS took an interest in them and tried the one on. It fits, so I told her I could make them for her because I wasn't feeling them, but now I'm thinking they've been more trouble than they're worth. I've started over twice and tinked back more often than I can even begin to admit for a pattern so simple. I guess I'll have to ask her to pick a different pattern for her socks. DM and I talked and she also requested a pair, which means a trip to the LYS and more yarn to add to my stash, a direct contradiction to my earlier resolutions. Anyway, gotta pick up the DS at school.

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