Thursday, March 8, 2012


Or so I thought.
So Tuesday was moving day. I had everything packed in the car from the previous day's moving fiasco, and I set up an appointment with the cable company for next Monday to set up the Internet, and I also set up an appointment at the Genius Bar to have them look at my iPod. Then I packed up my cat and off we went. (Side note: apparently my insanely huge station wagon cannot fit my bed in it. I had to pack an inflatable mattress instead).
His Highness complained the entire 3 1/2 hour journey. I learned that my car seriously does not enjoy highway driving. Then we took the exit and got off the interstate. The directions were seriously whacked out, but luckily I remembered how to get there on my own because I was moving back to a house that I'd lived in when I was twelve. I drove straight past it once I got on my street though. It just looked so different, so much smaller and sadder. I located the key and went to unlock the door, cat in tow. When I opened the door, a shower of German cockroaches fell onto my arm. Strike one, I thought. Then I walked in. Not only were there roaches on the door, but they were on the floor everywhere and scampering along the walls and windowsills. There must have been hundreds, not exaggerating. There was also a rotting stench like you wouldn't believe, and trash littered the yard. I left the cat there, put out a litter box for him and texted my mom. Not five minutes later, she called to ask how bad it was. I told her, and she sent me off to the nearest store for roach bates. She told me to return home after I'd set those out.
I went to the store for the roach bates and I had to stand in line with a whole basket of them, feeling like the most disgusting person in the world, even though I know I didn't cause the roaches, the tenants did. I have absolutely no idea how they were living like that.
 I returned, laid out the roach bates, grabbed the cat carrier and left. Jasper was so frightened after the drive and something in the house must have scared him as well because he didn't leave the box the entire time we were there. I set him in the seat next to me for the drive back and he slept most of it. I worried from time to time that maybe I'd forgotten him, he was so quiet.
So on the plus side, I didn't get lost. I managed to make it to the house with crappy directions and  I even managed to make it to the nearest dollar store and back without directions. On the downside, I spent 7 hours driving for almost no reason, and I detest driving. And my sister's pissed at me because she doesn't get a room to herself like she expected.
Monday the cable guy is coming, so I have to drive back then, plus I'm trying to find an exterminator who will come out the same day. In the mean time, my friend N recommended me for a job here. If they actually hire me, I might end up staying after all. N called yesterday to say there was a position open and that she'd been recommending me since her first day on the job, so I should apply. I talked to DM and she very crossly said I should apply, while grumbling about having gotten the utilities turned on for the house I should have been moving into. So that's today's adventure. I'm hoping I can get the job, because I definitely need it, but on the other hand, I do have to move sometime soon. This semester I can live anywhere because my classes are online, but next semester I have to take classes at university, which means living close to university.
So, for your viewing pleasure, I have a couple of pictures of a knitting project I started yesterday because my sweater was getting on my nerves:

This last picture was about 5 rows from the point where I discovered that I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish and I had to frog the whole thing. Luckily, I hadn't really spent much time working on it. Besides, I promised N that I would knit her an owl cable hat, and I've frogged that project twice since I made the promise. It's been like 3 months and I had to start over at the halfway point because it was too small. Then I cast on and had the owl cable brim finished before I realized I'd cast on the exact same number of stitches as the first time, so I had to start over again. The cast on stitches are sitting on my needles waiting to be counted and recounted so I can start this project for the third time,  and I'm really hoping I get it right this time. It's another N's (let's call her NB) birthday in a couple of days and I have to come up with a gift for her as well, which means a trip to the yarn store and some furious knitting in the works. I've had to put my socks and my shawl in hibernation for the time being so I can get all of that done.
On my sweater, I discovered that I would have to pick up and knit a neckline edging, and I was trying to come up with a pattern that would work for that but still match the rest of the sweater and the only thing I could come up with was to do another set of owl cables. The downside to that is that it's an 11 stitch repeat so I'd have to pick up a very exact number of stitches, plus the beads for the owl eyes will probably get caught in my hair. But if I did a simple ribbing it wouldn't match the rest of the sweater. I guess that's probably a question for one of my knitterly friends.

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