Saturday, October 6, 2012

We Can't All Be Mad Hatters

I finished Michael's Beanie last night. It was kinda out of the blue but I remembered last post that I still had to make that, and it was the perfect size project to take to school, so I brought it for classes yesterday. It started the day like this:
 After my Astronomy lecture, the two hours of breaks between classes because of poor scheduling, and an extra hour because my statistics lab was cancelled, it looked like this.
At home, I only had to add maybe an inch (which flew by on my size 7 needles) before I began increases, and it was finished before I knew it:

Sadly, though, that was the last Christmas project I could fit in my backpack and take to school.

The Hufflepuff bag is flying by, and I'm studiously ignoring the very obvious tension problems, mostly because I think they're due to a difference if yarn weight and nothing I can do short or tearing the whole thing apart, buying more yarn and starting over will help. I don't think my sister will mind, so there's that. And you can clearly see the badger, and that's the most important part.

I also worked a little on DM's afghan, and I'm excited to get back into that once my sister's bag is done. I'd forgotten how much fun the pattern was. And it goes so quick, I should be done in no time. Then maybe I can start on something for myself. I'm thinking of making myself a pair of wristwarmers like Renee's, or a bolero like Erin's, or maybe the Julianna cardigan on ravelry. Plus, I still have a skein of footprints sock yarn from my stay in Georgia that I think I'll take to school for something to knit while I'm there, since I can't bring an afghan or a stranded bag (the bag isn't that big, but the pattern isn't simple enough to work on during the Astronomy lecture, and my biggest goal for school knitting is to stave off the boredom during that class).

Also, Howl's Moving Castle on audiobook finally came in and I've been listening to it for the last few days. It's been super awesome. I think having watched the movie made it easier to understand the setting (since this author is notorious for lack of context). Anyway, I've got nothing but praise.

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