Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Pictures as promised:
 This is really overdue, but this is the best FO photo I have for Erin's Owl Socks. I think the color, combined with the fierce Florida sun made it insanely difficult to get a good picture of the stupid things.

 Obviously the last four are of the same object. That's DM's afghan, and the paperclips indicate the number of pattern repeats, which at most recent count numbered 5 and 1/4.
This is my FO of the day. Crochet hat for Stevie. Finally, a finished Christmas present! Born of the spark of inspiration created by my last post, this will go directly into the Christmas box. When I find a good place to store said box of course. There isn't room at NS's and the rain keeps making its way into my car and destroying or moldering my possessions. And that's enough about my personal life for one post.

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