Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So this is the game plan for Christmas:
1. DM's afghan

2. 3 pairs of Tardis socks, one each for me, NS, and NB

3. A pair of socks each for Chris, Jeff and Jen. I've looked into a few different patterns, but if I'm pressed for time I might just give them all plain stockinette socks.

4. A pair of wristwarmers for Renee (I might send a pair I already made for myself last year that turned out a little smaller than I meant them to. Fortunately, she and I share the same favorite color).

5. Bolero for Erin using yarn dyed with tumeric

6. A hat each for Michael, Katie and Stevie

7. A toy for Stevie's baby boy. I haven't a clue what kind of toy yet though. Something monkey-related probably.

And here are my goals for July:

1. Finish one more pattern repeat in DM's afghan. (I've already done almost 4 this month and had to start carrying my gigantic knitting bag to the daycare for naptime knitting) because by my calculations, I need to do at least 3 pattern repeats a month to finish by December, which would probably mean casting off at 11:59 p.m. on the 24th.

2. Cuff and hopefully a whole leg on one Tardis sock. Dream big, right?

3. Stevie's hat (crochet) probably in Caron Simply Soft colorway Ocean

4. Dye yarn (Patons probably) for Erin's Bolero. Maybe knit a swatch.

5. Simple knit beanie for Michael. Also in Caron Simply Soft in the colorway Ocean. Can you tell I'm trying to get rid of that?

I guess I just wanted to post this to motivate myself to get through these presents. I do tend to underestimate myself, so I'm sure I could manage all this in this month. I'm excited to see how many FO's I can get done so I don't have to worry about them at Christmas time. 

Sorry about the depressing lack of photos. Until my phone or my camera decide to cooperate, I can't really upload anything. I'll try and work it out and post some of those photos tomorrow

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