Thursday, August 15, 2013

Moving Along...

I have an actual thing to show you

Ta-da! A whole completed project. I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it, if I'll give it away or sell it or keep it.

To be frank, I complete a bunch of things I never share here or on ravelry because they aren't impressive. Plain jane socks, a set of oven cloths, and more socks. It's been a little slow lately cause I've been working a lot. Tuition's due in a few weeks and I have to buy books and pay bills so I've been trying to save up money for those things.

I scheduled classes and this year I've got the best set up I've ever had. 3 face-to-face classes Tuesdays and Thursdays for about 4 hours midmorning to midafternoon, and 2 online classes. Well, one online class. The other is a face-to-face class that's taped and put online so you can watch it whenever.

As previously mentioned, I am struggling with money and I've often thought about starting an etsy account and selling my knitting. Of course, all the usual worries with this plan apply- would I start to hate it if I'm forced to do it on a schedule, how will I get my christmas knitting done on time, etc. Add to that the still as yet undiagnosed wrist and hand problems and we've got enough apprehension about the idea to almost shut it down completely. But I think I'm gonna try it anyway. Starting small, with coasters and oven mitts.

Ok well I've got some responsible adult stuff I gotta do right now, but it's been a nice update.

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