Thursday, December 6, 2012


It's finals week here, and I've been working on a few different school projects. Sorry about the long time between posts.

I have two FO's to talk about since I last posted.
First, Platypus socks:
These were completed the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, which was fortunate since my family took vacation in Virginia with friends and it was COLD.

While I was there I meant to work on some lace socks and a scrap afghan, but I also started a hat for myself using one of the balls of acrylic for the afghan. I think it turned out great:

I did actually work on the lace socks:

and the ripple afghan:
But neither are finished. The afghan probably won't be finished for some time. I think I might have to buy yarn to finish it, which is the exact opposite of my goal. And it wasn't meant to have a pattern at all, because that causes problems when I start to run out of yarn, but I accidentally started one. I really don't know with this one. And there are so many ends to deal with...

As for NaKnitMo, I finished my goal about halfway through the month, which made me eligible for a prize drawing. And I won! That never happens to me. I won two mini-skeins of 100% silk yarn in yellow and a multi of orange, yellow and pink. It should come in the mail soon and I can take photos then.

I still have two Christmas projects to complete as well. A toy for baby Benji, and something for my friend Jodi, but I haven't come up with anything yet.

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