Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mods and Math

So I swatched and swatched trying to get the yarn I have to be the sweater I wanted. Or really, any sweater I saw that didn't look halfway to horrible. But my yarn doesn't want to be any of those. It wants to be something different apparently.

I had a look at the schematic for the Julianna sweater, and it's really simple. So when the swatch of the pattern stitch turned out disgusting:

Seriously, it looks like an army of moths had their way with it
I had the thought that maybe I could do the same shape but switch out the pattern stitch.

Then I had a look through the Big Book of Knitting Stitch patterns that DM got me for Christmas last year. I looked through all of the patterns I'd bookmarked, especially the lace ones, but none of them were right. I wanted something that was moderately easy so that the project could be portable in most situations (as opposed to those projects you can't take anywhere because you get that concentration look on your face that makes you look like you're trying to lay an egg or something).

Then I realized that I could just harvest one of the lace patterns from DM's afghan, tulip lace. I adored it in the afghan, and it's pretty simple.

Today I've done the swatching and measuring, and the math:

Now I can cast on and hopefully get some progress done on this thing

In case you were wondering, DM's afghan is done. I need to finish weaving in ends and then it's taking a tumble in the washer (I'm horrible to my handknits, but that's what acrylic yarn is for anyway) and it'll be ready for the gift box. Pictures will follow, but for now I'm ignoring it because I hate weaving in ends with a burning passion (seriously, they make machines for knitting but not for weaving in ends?).

My stitch count for NaKnitMo is 13,616 so far, and since my daily goal has been 1,000, I'm well over my count. Maybe I should have given myself a more challenging goal cause I'm not having a super hard time with this one. I shouldn't jinx myself though. Maybe next year, unless I do NaNoWriMo instead.

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