Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So just as a little update to my life, since it feels like it's been forever since I've blogged, I've decided to take a short break from my massively full schedule for the day and inform the Blog that I have an FO to showcase (DS's Clown Lace Socks), but I have to take some pictures, so hopefully I'll be able to post on it tomorrow. (No, it's not the Hello Kitty thing, I'm still about 2 stripes from being done, and now she wants fringe, which is gonna kill an extra 3 hours of work measuring lengths, looping them through the YOs I now have to create, and braiding the loops so the baby can't rip them off the blanket and hang itself or something. It's just about 65% done considering all of that.)
I cast on a pair of socks for me, and I'll post pictures of that tomorrow as well. Today I had like 5 tests due, 3 of which were finals and 2 were post-test survey things, plus a short essay. Despite work, I managed to complete 1 exam before work, 3 during my lunch break, half of the essay during naptime, and the last exam after work. I've also just finished a load of laundry. On top of all the homework, it also happens to be laundry day, so I've gotta wash all the laundry here at home with my awesome washer, then cart it all to the laundromat to do the drying and folding since I don't have a dryer. I never get done before 10 p.m., but I guess thems the breaks for choosing a weekday for laundry day and getting a day job.
In other news, I chose some yarn from the stash for a pair of socks for DM's birthday gift since her birthday is in June and I'd like to finish her gift early and not have to worry about it too much. I'll probably make her another pair for mother's day.  I'm obsessed with the pattern I used for DS's socks because it's interesting but not difficult and it only requires one 50g skein of yarn, so I think I'll make a few more pairs, 2 for DM, one more for DS's birthday since I fudged up and already gave her the Clown Lace ones, and at least one pair for me, since I never get to make anything for myself.
I also finished a novel, which counts toward my monthly goal. I read The Iron Knight, by Julie Kagawa, which was interesting, but you can definitely tell that the author didn't intend to write it, and that she never meant for a happy ending. I read it in the interests of finishing the series, which sucked me in the way silly vapid teenage supernatural love stories seem to lately. I definitely love the fae theme though. I loved the Wicked Lovely series, and this seemed along those lines, though a little more vapid. I'm getting to the Cleopatra book, and I have two other weird supernatural teen books in my queue, Out of the Shadows by Sarah Singleton and Shifting by Bethany Wiggins.

Random things (In list form, since I like lists)
1. NB and I have been watching mad crazy amounts of Doctor Who lately (which for us is like 3 episodes a week), so I've nearly gotten to the current season, and I so love it.
2. My car's acting super funny, and I'm pretty sure it has a transmission fluid leak. I'm hoping it's something simple and easy to fix since I can't afford another, even a clunker, but it's been worrying me for a few days.
3. Today is pretty much the last day of the school semester, and I'm so glad. Balancing school and a full-time job has been crazy-mad-strange, especially considering that the hours I'm supposed to be working are 8:30 to 4:30, but I'm usually there later (sometimes only 15 minutes, sometimes an hour) and I only usually take about half of my lunch break and spend the rest watching kids nap since I haven't got anywhere better to be. I've been seriously exhausted, so I'm excited to take one thing of my mental checklist.
4. I got an insanely disgusting and persistent coldy-thing which left me just able to claw my way out of the sheets, get dressed and go to work, but unable to do much else for 3 days straight. It's been a week and I still haven't kicked the cough. 
5. I've neglected housework for a few days, so DM's pretty pissed with me, but in my defense, it's finals week (though I'm about 99.9% sure she doesn't know that since we only rarely speak anymore because she works til 10 pm and I'm asleep by then most nights).
6. I'm the proud owner of a new cow.... Well, actually, it's a pillow pet thing, but it's still pretty awesome.
7. I thought about taking said cow to the daycare for naptime, but there was a case of head lice there, so I don't want to risk leaving anything there to get infested with lice. I've taken to tying my hair back tight and not letting anyone's blankets or heads get near me or mine because of it, even though the mom said the kid only had 4 nits, which are gone now. I'm not freaked out about lice, I just know that they would be insanely difficult for me to get rid of. My hair's grown like 6 inches in the last 6 months, for God only knows what reason, and combing through it for nits would be just about the most annoyingly time-consuming task I could think of. Wow, all of that sounds super embarrassing now that I've reread it.
9. Since I have an essay to write and I only really meant to catch up, I think I'll go finish that (and the laundry, where I still have another 2 loads to wash, ugh), but I'll be here tomorrow hopefully with pictures of DS's feet.

Quote of the Day: I think you pocket dialed me, but all I heard was you saying, "Give me a hug, where's my hug?"

Ah the joys of pocket dialing from the daycare.

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