Sunday, April 29, 2012


Since it's the middle of the night and I have work and a concert to go to tomorrow, here are some pictures.
First up, DS's Clown Lace Socks:

They've been done for about 2 weeks now, but getting DS to let me take the pictures was like pulling teeth. She kept saying she was too busy or that she had somewhere to be. They turned out great though (the pictures and the socks). The socks even match perfectly, with absolutely no work on my part.

Next up, the Hello Kitty Afghan:
 They came off the needles the night before last, I finished adding fringe last night,
And I began braiding the fringe this morning. I just finished, and I cut off all the excess yarn, which weighed like a whole pound all on its own. Between cutting, looping and braiding, the fringe took me like 5 hours. I enlisted a few extra hands though. DM worked some of the braiding, and NB helped me with the cutting and braiding.
The only thing left is the backing.  I bought a yard of thin flannel that's white with pink polka dots, and it needs to be cut to size and sewed on.

Because I'm excited about it, I'm gonna tell you one last thing. I went to the LYS this Saturday, and I picked up lots of yarn. Cascade 220 in a wooly yellow for Erin's owlie socks, Mochi plus in a purple, blue and red variegated colorway for DS's hat, and best of all, Madelinetosh sock yarn in the fathom colorway. IT'S THE TARDIS SOCK YARN!!!!!!!!! I've literally hugged it to my chest every time the nasty afghan started to upset me, and I'm dreaming of the day when I can start working with it. It's perfect, though it's super expensive. There's only enough for about one pair of socks, so I'm basically spending $30 per pair of socks, and I'm making 3.
That's it for now, but I'll keep the Blog posted

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