Friday, February 1, 2013


I actually have an FO to show off today. Check it:

This is a lovely headband I made for NS for her (now very late) birthday. I like it so much, I think I'll make one for myself with the leftover yarn. It's in Yarn Bee Soft Secret, which is a pretty good Caron Simply Soft approximation, aside from needing to be doubled up because it's like a DK weight. 

I'm also about 55% done with my Red String of Fate socks, and I'll have lots of time to work on them at game night tonight (my friends and I meet up and play board games for a few hours every Friday, or whenever we can make it- I usually can't because it's an hour and a half away). Check out how great the first sock turned out:
It's not a written pattern, but I wouldn't say I designed it myself. I just did some 8 row, 4 stitch cables on the cuff and top of the foot. Super simple, but really beautiful. The color's a lot brighter than that, but what can you do about camera phone pictures?

I've also been sort of working on a Tardis Blue afghan in the same pattern as DM's lace afghan, but I've run into a few problems. First, the yarn isn't as soft, which won't be a problem once washed but it hurts my hands. Second, I messed up and did the first cable crossing too early all along the row and apparently decided it wouldn't really be a problem:
The third crossing is right but I can't figure out what I did wrong for the first and second ones to be so close together.
And, nestled in one of those cables, is a glaring mistake which makes me insanely mad. A purl bump in my cable! See:
Above the bottom crossing
I'm only 1 and 1/2 pattern repeats in. I might pick up the stitches at the moss stitch border and frog til that point. Start over and pay more attention next time, I guess. I can't seem to settle on a project though. I really want to knit myself a lacy cardigan but I can't find the right pattern and I need to come up with an afghan to knit DM for her birthday in June because if I don't start soon, it might not be done in time. She doesn't like anything I knit except for the afghans and she refuses to wear the socks because she thinks they'll end up in the wash and be destroyed, despite the countless times I've told her they're machine washable. 

I also finally decided to weave in the ends of my Paprika Lace Socks:

Anyway, look out for a post soon about those red socks! And maybe something else, I really don't know.

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  1. glad to see you're still knitting along!

    sorry things have been rough lately; hope good stuff comes your way!