Sunday, June 10, 2012


Here's what I've been working on:
Yarn dyeing. The colors turned out way more pastel than I wanted, but that's what you get for having a vegan mom who can only receive bamboo blend sock yarn. Rainbow socks will be her birthday gift, June 28th.

DM's Lacey Afghan. Almost two pattern repeats, each 16 rows long. Finished, it'll be 21 pattern repeats long. 

I lost all the materials for the second Katniss socks, but I just recently found them. I keep all of the materials for every sock I'm working on in little makeup bags like this one:

which is nice when I'm digging through my purse-the needles don't stab me and I can find everything all at once, but it's unfortunate if I take the bag out and can't find it again.

I've also finished 1 and a half yellow owl socks for Erin. The owl is too little, but I'm lazy so I'm not changing it.

Sorry about the lag in posts. I've just recently moved into NS's house because my mom and sister moved away and my house has no water due to a dried up well. It's been really hectic trying to get settled in here, made only the more chaotic by the fact that my boss cut NS's hours and gave me her class, so I'm now officially a preschool teacher as opposed to an assistant, and now I have a pissed off friend (not at me, because she insists it isn't my fault, but she's angry at the situation).

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