Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This past Saturday I went to game night at my friend's house, and my friend's mom gave me a basket full of knitting supplies that she'd won in a raffle. It was all wrapped in cellophane and looked to be full of some really nasty acrylic yarn, but when I got home and inspected the contents, it also contained a pair of Knit Lites, which are straight knitting needles that have light-up tips, a set of Boye US size 3 dpns, and a set of 3 crochet hooks sizes G, H, and I. Since I don't use straight knitting needles I don't know how useful the Knit Lites will be, but they're dead brilliant so I don't mind that. The dpns and the crochet hooks are definitely useful though.

In other news, I completed DM's Mother's Day socks today during naptime. I actually Kitchenered the toe of the second sock while standing and walking around checking on sleeping children. Here's a photo:
I'm kinda pissed that the yarn was un-dyed for a section. I didn't have enough yarn to just cut the section out, so there's a white stripe on one sock. Check it out:
These socks are actually the second pair that I've made following this same pattern, and last night I hit a slump in the middle of the second Mother's Day sock. I really didn't want to work on it anymore. At first I thought it was second sock syndrome, but then I realized that it was the fourth sock, and fifth counting the one I started for me that I had to set aside to work on birthday and Mother's Day projects. So basically, I had fifth sock syndrome, which seems a little more appropriate to me.

I also started teaching NB to knit. Sunday night she learned to cast on and she learned the knit stitch. She picked it up so quickly, it was actually pretty amazing to watch. I taught her the long tail cast on and she was able to do it correctly the second time. The next time I was over at her house, her mom picked up the swatch she was working on and started knitting. She did it perfectly as well. I asked her when she learned and she said she couldn't remember and that she hadn't known she could do it until she tried. It was also pretty amazing.

The first day I taught NB, I drew this for her to teach her what the different types of fabrics look like:

When I wrote Knitting Theory at the top, she insisted that I had to call it AP Knitting Theory because it was a crash course and she wanted to learn it really quickly.

Because NS's mom is kind of like a second mother to me, I think I'll make her a nice circle scarf as well. I'll do some simple crochet so it'll be done in time, but it'll be nice to get her something.

Quote of the Day:
Evan, stop eating your shoe!

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